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More McGuinty Madness

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Ezra Levant talks to guest Sean Reid about Dalton McGuinty's new tax on certain tradespeople, including barbers.

This report aired on The Source July 26 2012.

Small Victory

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Raw milk advocate and dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, and his lawyer, Karen Selick, receive a small court victory today in their battle against udder nonsense.

This report aired on The Source July 26 2012.

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Ezra Levant takes BC Premier Christy Clark to task for asking for a 'fair share' and trying to unjustly exploit the oilsands.

This report aired on The Source July 26 2012.

Economist and author, David Goldman, on how the economic fallout from the Arab Spring is like a modern-day plague for Egypt.

This report aired on The Source July 25 2012.

Kickstarting Keystone

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Republican Congressman Lee Terry on his renewed fight to get Keystone XL construction going without presidential permission.

This report aired on The Source July 25 2012.

Christy Clark's recent comments and stance against the pipelines put her in direct conflict with both the nation and the constitution.

This report aired on The Source July 25 2012.

Booze With Your Burqa?

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Ezra Levant lauds David 'The Menzoid' Menzies' recent sting which shows political correctness is dangerous for Canada and allows laws to be broken.

This report aired on The Source July 24 2012.

John Robson joins Ezra Levant to discuss why it is a bad idea to let China buy up too much of a stake in Alberta's oilsands.

This report aired on The Source July 24 2012.

Gun Control Schmuncontrol

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Firearms expert, John Lott, shoots down the hysteria over calls for more gun control following the mass shootings in Aurora and Scarborough.

This report aired on The Source July 24 2012.
Should the province of British Columbia be able to set up an economic blockade of Alberta?

Should B.C. be able to stop Alberta from having access to the Pacific Ocean?

When that happens between different countries, it’s called an act of war.

Alberta and B.C. are the closest of friends in a united Canada, not different countries. But you wouldn’t know it from yesterday’s announcement by B.C. Premier Christy Clark to extort money out of Alberta in return for “letting” Alberta have access to the Pacific.

Clark said that if Alberta oil companies don’t pay her a “fair share” of oilsands money, she’s going to block the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the west coast.

Could you imagine if a local politician, back in the 1880s, didn’t want the Canadian Pacific Railway to go through, or in the 1950s didn’t want the Trans-Canada Highway to go through – unless the trains or trucks stopped and paid a big toll?

It’s illegal under our constitution, of course – the federal government, with its larger vision and responsibilities, gets to make those decisions.

If the federal government doesn’t ensure fair transit across the country, the results are disastrous – like what happened to Newfoundland and Labrador, with the Churchill Falls power plant.

That large power plant is completely within Labrador. But to get their power out, they had to go through Quebec.

And so the Quebec government had them blocked in. And they took advantage.

They wouldn’t let the plant export their power – they forced them to sell to Quebec under extremely cheap terms. And to this day, Quebec just resells that power to the U.S. at a huge profit.

According to former premier Danny Williams, Hydro Quebec makes about $1.7 billion a year off the plant. And Newfoundland makes $63 million a year.

And that’s locked in for a 65-year contract.

That’s what Clark wants to do with Alberta oil.

That’s un-Canadian. It’s unconstitutional. It’s unfair. It’s un-neighbourly.

What would Canada would be like if every province started to play that game? Let’s start with the Port of Vancouver – the biggest port in Canada. It’s the entry point for pretty much everything sailing in from Asia to the rest of the country – every Japanese car, every Chinese iPhone and flat screen TV.

But to get from the Port of Vancouver to the rest of Canada, you’ve got to go through Alberta by rail or highway.

What if Alberta decided to demand a toll on anything coming or going to the Port of Vancouver? Say, a $10,000 tax per train or a $1,000 toll per 18-wheeler that crosses pristine Alberta soil?

How many people have been killed on Alberta highways because of semi-trailers racing to or from Vancouver? How many train derailments – including trains carrying toxic chemicals – must Alberta endure, just to make B.C. even richer? That's crazy talk -- but it's exactly what Clark is saying.

According to government statistics, the Port of Vancouver generates 53,100 jobs. But 47,700 are for B.C. – just 1,800 for Alberta. To use Clark’s words, why should B.C. get all the rewards, and Alberta take all the risks?

Is this what Alberta’s Alison Redford meant by a National Energy Strategy?

And is this what Stephen Harper has in mind for inter-provincial trade and national unity?

This column appeared in the Sun Chain July 24 2012.

The Real Omar Khadr

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Tarek Fatah answers why it’s not Islamophobic for severely normal Canadians to want to keep Khadr out of Canada.

This report aired on SunTV July 23 2012.

Ezra Levant points out the hypocrisy and opportunism of BC Premier Christy Clark’s demands to support the construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

This report aired on SunTV July 23 2012.

Lorrie Goldstein on the politics of pipelines and why it’s nonsense for politicians to want absolute energy security with zero environmental risk.

This report aired on SunTV July 23 2012.
Vic Toews, Canada's public safety minister, wrote to Leon Panetta, the U.S. secretary of defence, Thursday telling him that before Canada decides whether or not to allow Omar Khadr, the al-Qaida terrorist, to transfer here from the Pentagon's prison at Guantanamo Bay, the Canadian government needs to see the videotapes of Khadr's psychiatric interviews.

This is important for three reasons.

First, it's shocking that the U.S. government has withheld this critical information about Khadr's dangerousness from Canada, despite wanting to pawn off this murderer from their jail onto our streets.

Second, it's an encouraging sign that Toews will not be railroaded into taking Khadr by the left-wing media-legal industrial complex in Canada, which has all concluded the celebrity terrorist is a hero, and we Canadians are the evil ones.

Rather than making a political decision, Toews is applying the law - which requires him to assess the dangerousness of Khadr before allowing him in.

Third, it's a diplomatic incident. Two years ago, U.S. President Barack Obama pressured Canada into agreeing to take Khadr, even though Khadr murdered a U.S. army medic, and was tried in a U.S. court.

For the Canadian government to now request this information is a rebuke to the U.S., indicating that we know they withheld information from us - and we're not going to pretend they didn't.

That takes boldness - and surely required the approval of the prime minister.

The videotapes of Khadr will surely be fascinating - Dr. Michael Welner, America's leading forensic psychiatrist, spent hundreds of hours researching everything about Khadr, and then talked with him, on camera, for eight hours.

Aren't you curious to see that? Before we dump that murderer back on our streets?

Another leading expert, a psychologist named Alan Hopewell, also interviewed Khadr on tape.

Determining whether or not Khadr is dangerous isn't optional. It's required by the International Transfer of Offenders Act. Section 10(1) of the law gives Toews a checklist, including whether:

( a ) ... the offender's return to Canada will constitute a threat to the security of Canada;

( b ) ... the offender's return to Canada will endanger public safety;

( c ) ... the offender is likely to continue to engage in criminal activity after the transfer;

( d ) ... the offender left or remained outside Canada with the intention of abandoning Canada as their place of permanent residence;

( e ) whether, in the Minister's opinion, the foreign entity or its prison system presents a serious threat to the offender's security or human rights;

( f ) ...the offender has social or family ties in Canada;

( g ) ...the offender has refused to participate in a rehabilitation or reintegration program;

( h ) ...the offender has accepted responsibility for the offence for which they have been convicted, including by acknowledging the harm done to victims and to the community.

And section 10(2)(a) checks if "...the offender will, after the transfer, commit a terrorism offence or criminal organization offence."

Khadr doesn't just trip one or two of these wires. He is covered by all of them.

He is exceedingly dangerous. He is more jihadist than ever - even refusing to meet with liberal Muslim chaplains sent to him at Guantanamo Bay. He has refused to acknowledge that what he did was wrong, or that his father's terrorism before him was wrong. He has a Rolodex of hundreds of fellow terrorists who have been his friends for 10 years - 600 of whom have been released, many of whom are back committing terrorism.

He has no ties to Canada other than his sister and mother in Toronto who are unrepentant supporters of al-Qaida, who are egging him on, encouraging him to continue as a terrorist, to pick up where his dad left off.

If Omar Khadr isn't kept out by this list of warning factors, then no criminal can ever be kept out, because there will never be another prisoner who is more in violation of these rules than Khadr is.

Bravo to Vic Toews for standing up to Omar Khadr - and Khadr's fifth column in our Canadian society.

This column was written for Sun News July 21 2012

Security Check

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Jason Kenney tells Ezra Levant why the government is going to do due dilligence before allowing Omar Khadr to return.

This report aired on The Source July 20 2012.

Hold On Omar

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Ezra Levant looks at how the Canadian government took the right first step in keeping Omar Khadr out of Canada.

This report aired on The Source July 20 2012.

Anniversary Of A Tragedy

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Jason Loftus of The Epoch Times on marking the 13th anniversary of the Chinese regime’s persecution of the Falun Gong people.

This report aired on The Source July 20 2012.

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When the U.S. government pressured Canada to agree to accept the transfer of convicted murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr, it withheld key information about Khadr's dangerousness.

That information included:

1. An eight-hour videotaped interview of Khadr, conducted by leading forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner; 2. A 63-page report by Dr. Welner; and 3. Dr. Welner's testimony in court.

That eight-hour video tape is still being suppressed by the U.S. government, but here are the other two documents referred to above -- information that the Canadian government did not have when it was pressed to accept the prison transfer.

Khadr Report

Khadr Report - 5 Jul 10.pdf

Dr. Welner Testimony

Dr Welner Testimony Draft RELEASED.PDF

Anti-Khadr meeting draws 200 people

TORONTO -- Shoban Kapoor is terrified to have a terrorist like Omar Khadr walking the streets of Toronto, so she started an online petition to keep him out.

Khadr, now 26, was sentenced at Guantanamo Bay to 40 years in jail for terrorist activities, but under a plea deal he only had to serve eight.

After spending one additional year at Guantanamo, he became eligible to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada.

Returning To Terrorism

| | |

Ezra Levant looks at how Guantanamo Bay prisoners return to terrorism, despite what the main-stream media thinks.

This report aired on The Source July 19 2012.

Myths Of Gun Crime

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Gun control expert, John Lott, debunks myths that banning handguns reduce crime.

This report aired on The Source July 19 2012.

A feminist’s response to the Muslim street preacher who says women should be fined for dressing provactively.

This report aired on The Source July 19 2012.

Millionaires Club

| | |

Ezra Levant looks at how the problems of First Nations communities lies in their chiefs' mismanagement of funds.

This report aired on The Source July 18 2012.

Cover Up Or Be Raped

| | |

Imam Atangana defends his position that Canadian laws give too much freedom to women and their clothing leads to their rape.

This report aired on The Source July 18 2012.

Denouncing Hate

| | |

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay, denounces Imam Atangana’s comments on behalf of the Conservative government.

This report aired on The Source July 18 2012.

Media Party Remains Mute

| | |

Ezra Levant goes after the media party for not only reamining silent in the face of the hate being preached on Toronto streets, but even criticizing the Sun for reporting on it.

This report aired on The Source July 18 2012.

Take donation and run!

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Calgary businessman Clay Riddell made a mistake: He thought he could donate $15 million to Carleton University in Ottawa. Should be easy. But it wasn’t.

Riddell made the donation at the request of Preston Manning, another Calgarian. The idea was to set up a non-partisan school to train political campaign managers. Ottawa seemed the place to do it.

It’s called the Graduate Program in Political Management, or GPPM. Anyone can apply — not just conservatives like Manning and Riddell. In fact, paragraph 14(b) of the donation contract Riddell signed when he gave Carleton the money established an oversight committee that guaranteed the program “exposes students to the partisan nature of the political environment from a cross-partisan perspective.”

The school was the vision of Manning and his non-partisan Manning Centre for Building Democracy. It’s a noble thing, building democracy. And teaching would-be campaign managers skills and ethics is a good thing. But the donation still offended the hard left-wing union called the Canadian Association of University Teachers. They’re so extremist they actually sent $20,000 of their union members’ money to Quebec to help fund the student protests out there. There is virtually no left-wing cause that CAUT doesn’t support — from the Gaza Strip to the general strike in Spain against cutbacks there. But they don’t believe others should be allowed to be political, if they’re conservative. And so they have demanded that Carleton reject Riddell’s donation.

And, being typically spineless bureaucrats, Carleton seems to be complying with CAUT’s busy-body demands. They’re renegotiating their contract with Riddell.

It’s bizarre stacked on top of bizarre. CAUT is outrageously partisan — denouncing politicians they don’t like by name, funding political groups. So it’s clear they’re not against politics on campus — they’re just against politics they don’t agree with.

But the deeper weirdness here is that the Riddell gift is contractually bound to be non-partisan. And students who study there say they can’t detect a bias — in fact, if anything, it’s non-conservative.

Here’s my advice to Riddell: Take your money and run.

You cannot reform Carleton, or any other Canadian university. There’s a reason it’s called university and not “diversity.” Because they don’t allow different points of view anymore.

Do you really think all of the politicized university departments that have sprung up over the past 25 years — women’s studies, peace studies, environmental studies, vegetarian studies — are genuine places of open-minded inquiry and debate? Of course not — they are permanent, tax-paid political campaigns. They train political operatives just like Riddell wants to do. But these faculties teach a left-wing dogma, and brook no dissent.

And they’re vicious in their peer pressure. Try getting tenure if you’re a scholar who disputes the theory of man-made global warming. But unlike most of the Media Party, they’re all unionized government bureaucrats, too. Which is why Canada’s public sector professors are the highest paid in the world, according to a new study by Boston College.

Left wing, job-for-life, unionized, leftist, political pundits, working eight months a year. That’s most of liberal arts these days. Riddell should take his money and split it up amongst 30 different Canadian conservative groups — the Fraser Institute, the Frontier Centre, the Canadian Constitution Foundation, even my favourite, It wouldn’t be vetoed by leftist unions, frittered away on six-figure professor salaries or sucked up by massive overhead.

And, in the end, it would probably achieve more for the Canadian greater good than anything a dinosaur university ever could.

This column appeared in the Sun Chain July 17 2012.

Preaching For A Dress Code

| | |

Raheel Raza reacts to the Muslim street preacher who says Canadian women have too much freedom and their rape is justifiable because of the clothes they wear.

This report aired on The Source July 16 2012.

More Media Party Bias

| | |

Ezra reveals the Media Party bias in their coverage of a teenager getting booted from the Kenney event over the weekend.

This report aired on The Source July 16 2012.

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Ezra Levant discusses Barack Obama’s idea of campaigning, and his thoughts about achieving the American dream when he doesn’t have a teleprompter.

This report aired on The Source July 16 2012.